The Territory
Farm Park

La Conca’s land extends over 300 hectares (741 acres) of untouched nature, with woods, trees hundreds of years old, wild animals, extraordinary examples of rural architecture and paths. It is encircled by a single, long fence, approximately 15 kilometres long (9.3 miles), which allows us to reserve the use of every aspect of the park exclusively for our guests, and makes our HOLIDAYS TRULY UNIQUE

Trekking Holidays Agriturismo La Conca Sansepolcro


In our farm, guests can enjoy the natural wonders that surround the structure, trekking along the paths immersed in the woods.

Lovers of trekking holidays will find unique landscapes and unspoiled, with a real opportunity to admire the wildlife that inhabit our area.

Thanks to trekking excursions that we organize you can admire unforgettable views, and only visible from places accessible on foot, horseback, mountain biking, quad biking or cross: all activities that drive our guests to enjoy our facilities

1 challenging 3:00 h
2 average 1:30 h
3 easy 0:45 h
4 challenging 1:00 h
5 easy 0:30 h

Tree House